تاثیر شخصیت ها برای انتخاب لباس

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تاثیر شخصیت ها برای انتخاب لباس

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Home Interior Decorating With Persian and Oriental Antique Rugs December 6, 2019 omri schwartz Interior Design Blogs Decorating With Antique Rugs and Persian Oriental Carpets Here are some additional posts about home decorating with antique rugs: Position and Place Rugs in Roomshttps://uninotepad.ir/good/ https://forviewhelp.ir/best/ https://fieditor.ir/nice/ https://nnnnssees.ir/awesome/ http://www.sobhemagic.ir/new/ http://www.nnnlpopp.ir/old/ http://www.musi-eee-ee.ir/great/ http://repoooooooz.ir/black-cup/news01.html http://ziplommmkakka.ir/goal/test.html http://kalabineeee.ir/news/post325.html http://aviationbooys.ir/clean/ http://pelicanofdays.ir/beauty/ https://ah-sa-nd.ir/perspolis/ https://foxbookk2000.ir/real/ http://javaboxo.ir/pages/gallery.html http://jobbbcope.ir/docs/profile.html http://trainfying.ir/stars/style.html http://aharmostthe.ir/drive/gallery.html | Area Rugs For Grey Couch Decor | Choosing Dining Room Rugs | Picking Living Room Rugs | Choosing The Perfect Bedroom Rugs Adding an antique carpet to an interior space can drastically change the look of a room. While there are many different styles of antique rugs and carpets to choose from, there are some tried-and-true rules to follow when it comes to choosing the size and placement of your rug. Below are Nazmiyal Collection’s tips for choosing the right rug for your space. Decorating With Antique Rugs (Image via Apartment Therapy) 1. To determine what rug size to buy, measure your room’s width and length, and then subtract 2 to 3 feet from each dimension. Using a rug that is between 2 and 3 feet smaller than the area of your room will make the space feel more open and balanced.

Choose a rug 2-3 feet smaller than the dimensions of your room. 2. If you plan on using heavily patterned wallpaper or upholstery, keep your rug subdued. The opposite is true if you choose a busily patterned rug — keep the ornamentation on your accent furniture and walls minimal. This contrast will keep your room from feeling overwhelmingly hectic. Pair a colorful patterned rug with neutral furniture. 3. Natural fiber rugs are the most resilient. The smartest choice for a rug that will last is always wool or silk rather than synthetic fibers, which age more rapidly. When it comes to rugs, natural fibers are more لحاف کرسی durable. 4. If you plan to place heavy furniture (like a sofa, or dining room table) on top of a rug, always try to use furniture coasters. Glass coasters will distribute the weight of the furniture better, which will help stop the weight from crushing your rug’s pile. Use furniture coasters under heavy pieces, like sofas and tables. 5. Use long, rectangular rugs to decorate rooms like bathrooms and kitchens to create a visual “path”. This adds both interest and a sense of order to your space. Longer rugs work great in bathrooms and kitchens 6. In sitting areas, make sure at least the front two legs of your chairs or sofas sit on your rug. This helps the furniture and rug seem “anchored,” and creates a sense of harmony. Make sure front legs sit on rug, to anchor the space 7. Rug pads are always a good idea: They help keep your rug from slipping out of place, and add an extra layer of protection from damage to hardwood floors. Use a rug pad to add cushion to your carpet, and protect hardwood floors 8. Try using a rug as a wall hanging! It’s a great way to add visual interest and warmth to your room, and also helps to dampen sound between thinner walls.

Hanging Antique Oriental Rugs As Wall Art 9. In areas with higher traffic, selecting a rug with a pattern reduces the appearance of wear and makes damage less noticeable. Dark colored antique rugs hide dirt and damage 10. To make your hallways appear larger, use a hallway runner rug that is approximately 4 inches narrower and 18-24 inches longer than the dimensions of the hallway. Hall runners should be approximately 4″ thinner than the width of the hall 11. When placing a rug underneath a dining table, ensure that there is an extra 2 feet of carpet around all sides of the rug, to enable diners entering or exiting the table to pull out their chairs without getting caught or tripping over the edge of the rug. Choose a dining room rug لحاف کرسی big enough that guests have room to pull out their chairs 12. Smaller rugs look great at the foot or side of a bed; just make sure that the width of the rug is at least 1 foot longer than the width of the bed, or else the rug will look disproportionately small. When choosing a rug for a bedroom, make sure it is wider than the bed 13. One way to achieve the impact of a colorful rug on a more modest budget is to layer a colorful and patterned small rug over a larger neutral mat in a complementary shade.

Try placing a smaller antique rug on a neutral mat 14. Make sure to consider any floor vents, electrical wires and outlets, or door frame in your space before selecting your rug. These may pose unwelcome obstacles if they are not taken into account! Make sure to take into account any electrical outlets, door frames, and other obstacles 15. Handmade rugs, as opposed to machine-made rugs, are generally more durable and last longer. Although in some cases hand-made rugs are more expensive, their value becomes apparent over the years that they last. Handmade rugs are always a better investment in the long run Finding the perfect antique rug is only the start of the interior design battle. The style war really begins when you bring your rug home and step foot in the trenches of putting it down. But, don’t despair! We’ve pulled together the handiest tricks of the decor trade to help you lay your rug down the right way – the first time. The most important rule of thumb is measure, measure, measure. Know the size of the room your area rug will live in before you hit the shops. Designers generally suggest 8-18 inches of bare floor space along the perimeter of your rug. For dining rooms, this jumps to 24 inches, to ensure the legs of all dining chairs sit – and stay – on the carpet. Furniture placement on your rug is important, no matter where it goes. Area Rugs Size Guide For Living Room Decor Before you take carte blanche to the rug gallery, have an idea of your decor floor plan. Ideally, you want to have all four legs of your bed, tables, chairs and accessories on the carpet. If that’s a stretch, you can push it to just the front two legs, but anything less won’t get you the peak of chic. The lay-out of your home is also something to consider when sizing a rug. You’ll want to be wary of where you place it and whether the corners or edges will get much traffic. Footsteps can kick-up sides, damaging your antique rug and put you at risk for trips and falls. Avoid rug burn from the beginning, and pick a rug that will have a traffic-less home. If it’s the room size that’s giving you trouble, consider a custom made rug. Awkward and unusual room sizes can limit your rug choices, but Nazmiyal solves that problem by offering made-to-order creations. The Moroccan rug collection can be customized to fit any room, adding style in the perfect size. Of course, rules are made لحاف کرسی to be broken. Nothing in interior design is written in stone, so feel free to tweak these tips to suit your style. And if you have any of your own rug laying advice – we’d love to hear about it in the comments! Decorating Your Home’s Interior With Antique Rugs When deciding how to decorate with an antique rug, there are several important considerations that the buyer needs to keep in mind. First off, the buyer needs to determine the immediate purpose that the antique rug will serve. Cute Mommy Cat And Kitten Sleeping On An Antique Rug From Nazmiyal

Is it to serve primarily as insulation or to dampen sound, is it meant to be used as a decorative لحاف کرسی item, or possibly both? Is it for use at home or in a business environment? Is it for a formal or informal space that the person wishes to create? Is it desirable to use a room size rug, or perhaps, several smaller scatter size ones? Is it to be used for the floor or as a form of textile art and a wall decoration? Perhaps a table covering, or a throw? Will it be used in a high traffic zone? Interior Design Picture with Antique Persian Mahal Rug These are all vital considerations when approaching the concept of interior decorating with antique rugs! At the end of the day, it is important to think about these things before deciding of the antique rug. There are no set rules and people need to buy something that they love that will also take care of their needs. Functional rug needs should never take a back seat or become a big compromise as far as aesthetics are concerned. loving what you buy is just as important the function it will be serving. For further information, consult our Consumer Guide to Buying Antique and Oriental Rugs. Decorator Rugs for Designer Interiors Experts say that the rug makes the room, but what exactly is it about decorator rugs that make interior designs so successful? There’s a lot to be said for statement pieces that can stop visitors in their tracks, but that isn’t what everyone is looking for. Quietly elegant pieces that have an understated formality might be a better choice for a room that showcases fine works of art and decorative furnishings. Rugs, like people’s tastes, are exceptionally diverse. Decorator rugs can be in any style and from any era. Many regions, cities and workshops are revered for their contributions, but there are other pieces with the decorative subtleties that make them true gems. Traditional Persian patterns are always suitable for inclusion as decorator rugs. Antique carpets from Bidjar, Malayer and Tabriz in Persia and provincial Turkish rugs from Oushak are often called decorator’s rugs, but there are certainly contemporary and transitional area rugs that qualify too. Decorative rugs can feature custom designs, textural prints and patterns from celebrated artists, but in the end, it’s how a rug is used that really makes the room.

How to Decorate a Room with Antique Rugs and Carpets Different rooms require different approaches when decorating with antique rugs. Living and dining rooms areas may require more formal, refined designs and low contrasting color schemes. Larger workshop or city carpets tend to work well in such spaces. Dens or family rooms are less formal and are more suitable for rugs with bolder designs and a larger gamut of colors. Tribal rugs and village pieces exhibit these characteristics well and are often employed in less formal settings. Decorating With Antique Rugs Bedrooms can be more flexible depending on one’s own taste. Some choose a single large rug underneath the bed while others prefer multiple scatter rugs around the bed. Warm yet muted tones and thick rug pile usually will serve to create the most calming atmosphere for a bedroom, but, as with any room in the house, only one fundamental rule applies when decorating with antique rugs, and that is: Personal taste trumps all. Decorating With Antique Rugs -French Aubusson Interior Design By Roman and Williams The fine and subtle art of interior decorating is a centuries old لحاف کرسی practice — indeed, for as long as humanity has been living inside rather than outside, it has been important for individual people and families to make their space their own. In our fast-paced, modern world, there are very few things more refreshing than relaxing or spending time in your own home, especially when yo you have made the effort to make that home feel like your own home. With the addition of a timeless, beautiful antique rug into such a space, your house can truly be a home. While decorating with antique rugs may seem daunting, don’t worry — at the end of the day you should make your home feel comfortable, first and foremost. Inspiration Boards for Interior Designs with Antique Rugs A few weeks ago I discovered the joys of Polyvore and wrote a post with inspiration boards created around our fantastic collection of antique rugs. And now, I present to you, Inspiration Boards Round Two! A stunning antique Kashan carpet is the centerpiece in this inspired interior decorating theme of the below dining room .

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